Core engineering team

Our core team has spent a combined 32 years at Tesla solving vehicle engineering and manufacturing ramp-up challenges and over 27 years at Big Auto and self-driving car companies. Our core competency lies in adapting cutting-edge technologies from autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and consumer electronics and deploying these to any factory floor, rapidly reducing costs and improving efficiency, regardless of the products being manufactured.

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Company Profile

Industrial Next was founded in 2021 by industry veterans who have worked at Tesla, GM, Ford, Waymo, Momenta, and other advanced manufacturers.

Our team comprises a broad, interdisciplinary, and dynamic group. We are committed to creating new systems to assist a broad range of industry participants - including automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, 3C companies, and eVTOL manufacturers - as well as companies of any size that have many products, parts, or rapid product iterations and are currently deploying or thinking about deploying automation on their factory floors.

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Bringing Tesla-style automated factory solutions to manufacturers of any size, in any industry, anywhere in the world.


Sensing-Learning-Automation core technology blocks

The core technology: smart vision and automation guidance

Assembled as a smart node on a traditional workstation, our products turn workstations into "edge brain nodes"


Autonomous Robotic Mobile Station (ARMs)

Material-centric with more advanced and flexible behaviors than traditional solutions

A mobile production station that reconfigures itself for any product and links with other stations to create new/expand existing production lines.


Complete autonomous factory

The ideal future state of manufacturing

Autonomous production of goods: raw material in, finished products out, with minimal human intervention

Founding Team

The technical talent to create next-generation factories

Allen Pan


  • Tesla Autonomous Factory Lead
  • GM AD/AV L3, L4 System Architect
  • GM Cadillac CT6 Core AD/AV Engineer

Lukas Pankau


  • Tesla Model S/X/3/Y System Architect
  • Tesla Autopilot Electronics Architect
  • Waymo Self-driving System Architect

Our team members delivered the software, hardware, and system solutions for Tesla's 2017-2019 Model 3 production capacity ramp-up and production line upgrade. They also led the upgrade of the vehicle design solutions (body controller and system, design for automation, wire harness assembly technology development, parts fusion and integration, and more).

Industrial Next is creating the technologies for intelligent and adaptive manufacturing automation. Starting with smarter vision solutions, we are developing integrated hardware and software that work together seamlessly and intuitively to accomplish a variety of manufacturing tasks. Our goal is to deliver systems that enable truly autonomous factories and help usher in a new era of software-defined, flexible manufacturing.

Company Locations

San Francisco