Transform your Production



We've developed the Industrial Next Factory Autonomy Framework (CyberRealm) that is suitable for any type or scale of manufacturing. We're applying principles learned from self-driving technology to facilitate real-time, dynamic adjustments to equipment at all levels of diverse manufacturing processes, leading to reduced cycle times between R&D, testing, and line deployments.

Factory Autonomy Framework
Sensing - Learning - Automation

R&D Engineering and Test
Product design (form and function), production line design (procedure and workstation)

Our Modules

Whether deployed individually or as an integrated system, our modules reduce production cost, space, and time and increase flexibility, speed, and quality.

Smart camera with 30TOPS of computational performance

GigE-style camera with A.I.-supported visual intelligence built in

Orchestration and logic controller that supports full integration with CyberSight and CyberSpawn and offers a no-code setup and user experience

Deploy our smart modules onto or in place of legacy solutions
Transform workstations into intelligent nodes

One Industrial Next node can perform several different tasks within the same workstation


Contrary to legacy offerings, our solutions merge virtual design & engineering data with real-world information acquisition to enable dynamic adjustments in real time. This helps:

  • Prevent batch defects by dynamically adjusting the current work processes, and
  • Offers immediate in-cell rework, with rapid before/after quality checks, that can replace downstream inspection and rework stations

Path to the Autonomous Factory

The Machine that Builds the Machine